Returning to Calgary from Mazatlan

It is said, with age comes wisdom. The age part is coming along easily enough but I find it harder to get a handle on the wisdom thing.

However, I did learn something when we got back to Calgary on Saturday (the 22nd). Sometime over the winter, our chest freezer died. While technically dead, the meat inside proceeded to rot –a literal corruption of the flesh on a Biblical scale releasing a stench that pervaded our entire condo as soon as we lifted the lid.

We emptied some of the Tupperware containers, washed them out, applied bleach, and then ran them through the dishwasher – all to no avail. The putrification was embedded in the plastic molecules and nothing could be saved.

Here’s the wisdom that I want to pass on to you: a number of murder mysteries/thrillers end up with the perpetrator storing a body in their chest freezer – a bad idea because you never know when your freezer will expire – just don’t do it.

You may scoff and dismiss my advice in the belief that it has no relevance to you but note; statistically the vast majority of dead bodies arise out of spur of the moment decisions without premeditation – just saying, you wouldn’t want to be caught out.

Otherwise all is well and we are still aging. Hope you are also, aging well.


PS If you ever have opportunity to acquire an automobile that has been occupied by a corpse for any length of time, the savings may not be worth it. That little green pine tree that dangles from your mirror will not overwhelm the lingering scent of the prior owner.

PPS Some of those murder mysteries have the hero walking into an abode while  noticing a slightly sweet smell along with a putrid stench – I can confirm that this is not literary licence. It does smell sweet but not in a nice way, unless you are a carrion vulture.

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