Green Flasher standing on a setting sun.

5 Essential Tips (Part I) by Ken Martens as published in Mazatlán’s Pacific Pearl, March 2018 Have you seen the Green Flash? Nope–not one of those old comic book characters like the Flash or the Green Lantern. And I’m not talking about some perv in a green raincoat or anything like that. I’m talking about… Read More

As published in Mazatlán’s Pacific Pearl: January 2018 Vol 25 #5 When I wake up in the morning I expect to find things (my watch or glasses for example) exactly where I left them the night before. And, I am told, if someone has moved your dentures during the night, it can be disconcerting. The… Read More

When I say “Tropic of Cancer” I’m talking about one of those imaginary lines that runs around the earth in the same way the Equator runs around the earth; not to be confused with a book of the same name by Henry Miller, notorious for its sexuality. Anyway, as the crow flies, The Tropic of… Read More

Now You Don’t!   It’s about testicles but is this post also about medical tourism? People are coming to Mazatlán for dental work, hip replacements, cosmetic enhancements, the whole bit. Is that it? Perhaps my turmoil is a reflection of the man’s own confusion. Should this posting focus on gender identity, confusion and re-assignment–all very… Read More