Returning to Calgary from Mazatlan It is said, with age comes wisdom. The age part is coming along easily enough but I find it harder to get a handle on the wisdom thing. However, I did learn something when we got back to Calgary on Saturday (the 22nd). Sometime over the winter, our chest freezer… Read More


How I Spent My Summer Winter Holidays From time-to-time people call to ask how we’re doing (perhaps curious as to whether we’ve succumbed to Covid) so here’s a Mazatlán update. We are fine (and hope you are too). We’ve been taking precautions but aren’t hermits. We recently went to a bar in Centro, about a… Read More

A campground, Igoumenitsa, Greece  Monday, October 22, 1973 Tiptoeing in the rain. Not the same cachet as “dancing in the rain” but still, it strikes a romantic note. And, doing it in the nude, at two in the morning, well, that indicates a free spirit. That’s me–sort of. I was in the rain and I… Read More

You know what artistic and designer types are like. They hang around art openings, dress in black, and make pronouncements like, “Less is more”. Well between us, I can tell you they have it all wrong. Firstly, little do they know the phrase comes from a Browning poem about the 16th century painter, Andrea del… Read More

All roads lead to Rome–unless –unless you live in Mazatlán; then they lead to Centro or, more accurately, to the Mercado in Centro and by roads I mean bus routes (well, nearly all routes). Just so we’re clear, there are a number of mercados, or markets, in Maz but there’s only one Mercado–El Mercado Municipal… Read More

  You’ve heard the danger warnings but if you’re thinking of traveling to Mexico read this first. Bureaucrats issue advisories such as–don’t leave an unlocked car with your valuables in plain sight. Let’s face it; it’s the sort of advice where, if you don’t already know it, you’re not smart enough to read the advisory… Read More

Last month’s blog covered the Flash and now I want to talk about preparation. When preparing for the Flash you don’t need the hallucinogenic drugs used by the Beat Poets in the 1950s as they sat on Olas Altas beach in Centro. We have a Made in Mexico solution for you. You’re at the beach,… Read More

Green Flasher standing on a setting sun.

5 Essential Tips (Part I) by Ken Martens as published in Mazatlán’s Pacific Pearl, March 2018 Have you seen the Green Flash? Nope–not one of those old comic book characters like the Flash or the Green Lantern. And I’m not talking about some perv in a green raincoat or anything like that. I’m talking about… Read More

As published in Mazatlán’s Pacific Pearl: February 2018 V25, #6 Valentine’s is right around the corner so time is short. Most of you will end up going through the motions, just buying a card with a heart on it but that’s too simplistic. Let’s face it, it’s been done before–probably even by you. Now’s the… Read More

As published in Mazatlán’s Pacific Pearl: January 2018 Vol 25 #5 When I wake up in the morning I expect to find things (my watch or glasses for example) exactly where I left them the night before. And, I am told, if someone has moved your dentures during the night, it can be disconcerting. The… Read More