You know what artistic and designer types are like. They hang around art openings, dress in black, and make pronouncements like, “Less is more”. Well between us, I can tell you they have it all wrong. Firstly, little do they know the phrase comes from a Browning poem about the 16th century painter, Andrea del… Read More

All roads lead to Rome–unless –unless you live in Mazatlán; then they lead to Centro or, more accurately, to the Mercado in Centro and by roads I mean bus routes (well, nearly all routes). Just so we’re clear, there are a number of mercados, or markets, in Maz but there’s only one Mercado–El Mercado Municipal… Read More

As published in Mazatlán’s Pacific Pearl: February 2018 V25, #6 Valentine’s is right around the corner so time is short. Most of you will end up going through the motions, just buying a card with a heart on it but that’s too simplistic. Let’s face it, it’s been done before–probably even by you. Now’s the… Read More

As published in Mazatlán’s Pacific Pearl: January 2018 Vol 25 #5 When I wake up in the morning I expect to find things (my watch or glasses for example) exactly where I left them the night before. And, I am told, if someone has moved your dentures during the night, it can be disconcerting. The… Read More