Ken left a law career to pursue interests in writing and photography.


Ken, a few years back, trying to look cool–ever the wine connoisseur, has green stuff in his glass


Ken, at a precocious age, anticipating the hip/hop gangsta fad of baggy pants and a low crotch.


Lynn before she had grey hair


Lynn displaying the fashion sense that drew Ken to her

After travelling since the early 70s we decided to settle down and bought a Mazatlan house in 2009. Now we spend part of the year in Calgary, Alberta and the other part in our Mazatlan home.


According to Google – approximately 3,930.7 km (or 2,442.4 miles, approximately)

Google maps puts the flight time as 4 hours and 40 minutes but usually WestJet gets us there in just over 4 hours.


In our Mazatlan home