You know what artistic and designer types are like. They hang around art openings, dress in black, and make pronouncements like, “Less is more”. Well between us, I can tell you they have it all wrong. Firstly, little do they know the phrase comes from a Browning poem about the 16th century painter, Andrea del… Read More

Last month’s blog covered the Flash and now I want to talk about preparation. When preparing for the Flash you don’t need the hallucinogenic drugs used by the Beat Poets in the 1950s as they sat on Olas Altas beach in Centro. We have a Made in Mexico solution for you. You’re at the beach,… Read More

Insights from the Mexican culture – How to compete in an overcrowded market – Specialization. In Mexico, tacos are soft tortillas made from maize (that’s corn – sort of) with a filling and then you finish it off with chopped tomato/raw onion/grilled onion/pickled onion/cilantro/radish/cucumber/peppers/guacamole/hot sauce/really really hot sauce/fresh squeezed lime – whatever strikes your fancy If… Read More

The life of a farmer is not easy. I know because we farm bananas in Mazatlán–without success. We started by cultivating regular bananas but the banana palms overwhelmed us, overrunning  our yard. We retaliated by ripping them out and introducing a dwarf variety of banana. That bit of crop husbandry succeeded except the dwarves have… Read More